Straps start at $175

(Straps come standard with a name and a “double­eyelash design” to fill in the negative space. If you’d want any other images or detail, please make note below)

THE BEST PROJECTS ­ Get completed when you set your budget and let me do my thing. If you like what I’ve done in the past then trust that I’ll do a good job with your project. As you can see, it can get kinda nit­picky when dealing with prices and details so I put this as an option that I think pays off for everyone.

How it works

Once you fill out your order form, you’ll get an email confirmation letting you know that your order went through. Then when I get a chance to review your order, I’ll get back to you with a proper quote. If the price suits you, I’ll send you an invoice. Once it’s paid, I’ll get started on your project and let you know when it mails out.

Sketches - ­we don’t do sketches.

Partial payments ­ Due to the nature of making custom goods, we must have 100% payment upfront.

Please fill out the form below and I will get back to you with an official quote and invoice for your Item!

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See color chart above!
Standard or custom length? The vast majority of straps are between 45” and 50”. If you don’t want to spoil the surprise, I can just make your strap at this length. Please note that I’m not a psychic and I cannot guarantee it will fit. I’m just noting that chances are, it’ll be between 45” and 50”.
Stamped letters come standard at the base $175 price and they look great! But if you want to upgrade to hand carved letters, this is the first upgrade I would recommend. Hand carved letters are bigger and they look incredible but they take a bit longer (because they're individually hand tooled). Depending on how many characters are in the words you’d like to get carved, the price fluctuates. I’ll help you along with this. I just want an idea of what you’d like to get made.
Images ­ this is the next upgrade I would recommend. If you have something in mind, please let me know. If you have any images or logos you’d like added, please send those along as well. Google images work too. Pet portraits (make sure you take the picture of your pet as if the pet was a person. You need to be at eye level or chest level looking up and you want the pet to be steady and looking as regal as possible. You wouldn’t believe how much a difference a good portrait makes, when preparing it for leather)
This is the nicest thing you can do to a strap. If you’ve seen any of the semi­celebrities wearing my straps, they most likely have made this upgrade. It’s beautiful and soft and strong and will last you 20 years if not more. The only problem is, it’s expensive. The deer skin is extra in materials and after it’s cut and prepared for the strap, it takes several painstaking hours to hand lace (sew) onto the strap. There’s no denying it though. It will look and feel like a million bucks, for roughly only $100 more. Because it takes so long to hand lace straps, we don’t offer lacing without deer skin. It just isn’t worth it. If you want the look of the lacing then you should go for the feel and durability of the deer skin as well.
Please suggest your ballpark budget so I can help you decide on the best features! MINIMUM budget is $175!!
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