Dog collars come standard with the dog’s name across the back. Unfortunately, I don’t add any images to the collars because they’re small and images get lost in the mix. The name alone will stand out so well that anything added to it (besides the design I put along the sides) makes them too busy. I can dye them as well but I don’t recommend it, as the dog’s natural oils will darken the leather naturally in a matter of weeks. This is just my suggestion though, you can order whatever you want.

How it works

Once you fill out your order form, you’ll get an email confirmation letting you know that your order went through. Then when I get a chance to review your order, I’ll get back to you with a proper quote. If the price suits you, I’ll send you an invoice. Once it’s paid, I’ll get started on your project and let you know when it mails out.

Sketches - ­we don’t do sketches.

Partial payments ­ Due to the nature of making custom goods, we must have 100% payment upfront.

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How long is your dog’s current collar? I can figure this out for you if you just get me the weight and breed of the pooch.
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